Visiting a Nursing Home for the Elderly

February 19 , 2024 JSC SKMA Department of Pediatrics – 1 under the leadership of Kemelbekov K.S. and Toleuova A.E. together with students of group ZhMKB-04-21 visited the 2nd center for the provision of special and social services, a nursing home. Today in our country there are grandparents who, for various reasons, have to live in nursing homes, away from their loved ones. The main purpose of our visit to the nursing home was the desire to give them our warmth and support.
We had an open conversation in a cozy atmosphere, and the grandparents were very happy about our visit. They willingly told various fascinating stories from their lives, shared their life experiences with us, and gave us practical advice and instructions. We wanted to give them a good mood, so we prepared a small festive table , a treat for our grandparents.
In a world where each of us strives to master time, there is a place where it seems to slow down, where every minute is imbued with the wisdom and experience of life - the nursing home.

Our visit to such an institution turned out to be an unusual and exciting experience, which made us reconsider our attitude towards time, life and ourselves.
Thus, visiting the elderly home became for us not only an encounter with time, but also a reflection on its value. This experience transformed our view of life and filled my heart with gratitude for every moment that is given to me in this endless passage of time.

20.02.2024, 17:46