Promotion of a healthy lifestyle «The impact of energy drinks on human health" and “The Internet and man»

At the initiative of the head of the department of " General practitioner-2" Dosybayeva Gulzhan, assistant Otumbaeva E. and interns of group 01-23, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle, held a workshop on the topic: "The impact of energy drinks on human health" and "Internet and man" for students of grades 8, 9, 10 of secondary school No. 133 and students of 3rd and 4th years of the South Kazakhstan Higher Medical College.
During the seminar, they showed a special video that they filmed as an experiment and explained the negative effects of energy drinks on health.
They explained the prevalence of internet addiction among young people, the clinical effect and ways to solve internet addiction, which is the epidemic of the XXI century.

21.02.2024, 10:50