Joint work of the dean's office and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy

From 02.12.24 to 02.15.2024 the dean’s office held meetings with the head of the student groups of the educational programs “Pharmacy” and “TFP” of the faculty of “Pharmacy”, with the participation of members of the SKMA student academic youth center “Bolashak”. The group leaders were notified of the order №2 of the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy dated from February 8, 2024 “On strengthening measures to prevent ARVI”, letter №14-0/662-VN dated February 8, 2024 of the Committee of Higher and Postgraduate Education “On the transfer of the entire country from March 1, 2024 to a single time zone". Additionally, the students received information about the main provisions of the Academic Policy of SKMA JSC, the Rules for organizing and conducting written and oral examinations of SKMA JSC, the Rules for organizing intermediate certification of students in the form of computer testing of SKMA JSC, the Rules for living in the dormitory of SKMA JSC, on the timely completion of health records, on the rules for transferring from course to course, on receiving work sheets and submitting them, on payment for training and recycles.
At the end of the meeting, Chapai Nurshat, a member of the Bolashak student academic youth center, held a conversation on the topic: “Gambling addiction, drug addiction, cyberbullying, gambling as an inhibitory factor in the development of modern youth”.

21.02.2024, 15:37