Counseling workshop training for girls

February 20, 2024 in the large assembly hall of the YKMA was held a training seminar among girls on the theme "Prevention of premature pregnancy. Contraception", organized by the Department of Social Affairs and Youth Policy and the Council of Girls "Aikorkem". The meeting was attended by the speaker gynecologist, oncologist of Taraz City Medical Center of Dermatology Esinbek Zauresh Altynbekova, as well as students of the 1st course.
The event was opened by the leader of the group "Aykorkem" Karakat Amanzholova, who spoke about the purpose of the event. One of the main things is the personal hygiene of girls, it is also important to adhere to moral standards of behavior in order to remain a healthy, cheerful and successful student in all disciplines. The invited guests then joined the conversation.

Gynecologist, oncologist of the medical center of dermatology Esinbek Zauresh Altynbekova told students about the physiology of puberty, the normal menstrual cycle, hygiene measures, prevention of early sexual intercourse and pregnancy, methods of contraception, venereal diseases and how the latter lead to unpleasant consequences, reflecting in the future on the birth of children.
The event concluded with students answering questions.

21.02.2024, 15:22