Burn, burn the December flame lit on ice

On December 4, 2023, the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines organized an educational hour with students of the SFҚ-11-01-21 group on the topic «Burn, burn theDecember flame lit on ice» dedicated to the celebration of Independence Day.

During the educational work, students, with the help of poems and scenes, conveyed that independence was not easy for us, how many victims there were of our brothers and sisters who died seeking the independence of our country.

During the educational work, students felt in the hearts of the Kazakh people the national holiday - Independence Day. The main core of the country's independence is the spirit, will, and social consciousness of the society of the indigenous nation of our state. The main wealth is not just individual interests, but the interests and needs of the citizens of our country. The powerful strength of the new Kazakhstan in the modern world lies in the unity of the country and the friendship of nations. The students showed that the history of Kazakhstan in the 21st century is full of wisdom and unity of our people.

06.12.2023, 18:06