A seminar on anti-corruption was held for teachers of higher educational institutions in Astana.

Bribes and plagiarism became the main topic of an anti-corruption seminar for teachers of all universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Seminar participants were explained some legal provisions and were presented with tools for introducing the principles of academic integrity. Interesting motivational trainings were conducted. The experience of implementing the international initiative “GRACE” was presented. Its goal is to create a culture of non-corruption among children and youth through education and partnerships. The head of the prevention service of the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, S. Akhmetzhanov, noted that the Concept of Anti-Corruption Policy for 2022 - 2026 provides for the integration of the anti-corruption component into the education system; education, together with educational components, forms intolerance in the minds of young people towards any manifestations of corruption. At the seminar, the deputy chairman of the committee of higher and postgraduate education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akerke Abylaikhan, noted that university students are the future of our country, therefore it is important not only to give them a quality education, but also to form an anti-corruption culture in their minds. Representatives of universities across the country gathered, discussed, received a positive attitude and methodological support for activities to develop anti-corruption consciousness and new knowledge on the issue of increasing anti-corruption culture and combating corruption, as well as methods of teaching the discipline. The head of the department “History of Kazakhstan and social-public disciplines” Nurzhanbaeva Zhanat Oralbaevna took part in this seminar. All seminar participants were awarded certificates.

26.02.2024, 17:01