«Week of open lessons»

On March 15-20, 2016 the department of "Technology of drugs" on the course "Technology of medicines", with a 5-course of specialty «Pharmacy» conducted open lessons on TBL-method on the topic "Suppositories. Preparation of suppositories by pouring. Quality assessment ".

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The aim of TBL method is to interest students to work in a team.

During the lessons in order to determine the ability to work in teams, students were surveyed. As a result of the survey, students were grouped into teams. To assess the readiness of students individual and group testing was conducted.

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According to results of test on certain questions teams had the opportunity to file for an appeal and get more points.

During team work, each team defended their prepared presentation.

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After a theoretical discussion team prepared suppositories by pouring method according to preformed tasks.

Specifics of conducted lesson is that students were evaluated after each stage. At the end of the session it was announced the final grades of students.

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In open lessons it was attended methodologist expert on methodology innovation A.V.Pan, d.pharm.sciences., professor, head of the Department OMPB K.D.Shertaeva, dean of the pharm. faculty K.K.Orynbassarova, professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Chemistry S.A.Sopbekova, Head of the Department of “Drugs Technology” B.A.Sagyndykova, as well as the teaching staff of the department. Students took an active participation and on the results of the questionnaire had positive comments.

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