The demonstrative lesson of the Assistant F.M. Mukhtarkyzy at the Department of “Infectious diseases and Dermatovenerology”

On February 11, 2016 at the Department “Infectious diseases and Dermatovenerology” there was held the demonstrative lesson of the Assistant F.M. Mukhtarkyzy for the students of the group 505 “Public health” on the theme “Etiology, characteristics of epidemic process, modern methodological approaches to the prevention of viral hepatitis with parenteral and sexual transmission routes of pathogens (HBV, HDV, HCV, HGV). Etiology, characteristics of epidemic process, organizational principles to prevent the spread of HIV in the world and in Kazakhstan”.

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The principles of active training. TBL, or team-based learning in cooperation contributes to more conscious and deeper mastering of teaching material. Therefore, group decision situation tasks of varying complexity plays a big part of the lesson time. The content of educational activity acts as a means of communication, as favorable conditions for interpersonal relations are creating, there is a stimulation of an exchange of views within and between groups, the experience of all team members is integrating, there is an increasing of interest and activation of potential, intellectual and emotional abilities of every student and creative potential is creating.  


The successful basis of TBL method includes four principles:

1.   properly formed and managed groups;

2.   student assessment according to extracurricular preparation and teamwork;

3.   tasks for the teams that stimulate learning, interaction in groups and self-development of teams;

4.   frequent and immediate feedback is provided through tests and assignments for teams.

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The demonstrative lesson comprised 3 parts:

1.     the analysis of the theme in small groups;

2.     visual learning;

3.     theme learning through discussion.

At the beginning of this demonstrative lesson, the students were offered to solve puzzles with questions, during this task, the students demonstrated their knowledge of the studied theme; besides, there were the following tasks: bingo - cards, cryptograms, educational videos, discussions on regulatory and legal acts on the theme.

This demonstrative lesson was visited by A.V. Pan, a methodist - specialist in innovative technologies, CMC members of clinical disciplines: N.Z. Shapambayeva, G. U. Akberdiyeva, R.A Smetova, G.N. Abuova, the Head of Infectious Diseases Department, Associate Professor F.A. Berdaliyeva ​​and other teachers of the Department. The lesson was held on a high methodical level. The students demonstrated a good learning of the theme and activity.

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