International scientific and practical conference at the Tashkent Medical Academy

From 03.11.2023 to 04.11.2023 Head of the department «General Practitioner-1» PhD, associate Professor Datkaeva G.M. and associate Professor Idrisov K.S. took part in the international scientific conference "The main problems of modern pediatrics: new opportunities for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in kindergarten" in Tashkent Medical Academy.
The international conference was attended by scientists from universities and research centers in Uzbekistan, Germany, USA (Chicago), Turkey, Korea, Russia (medical universities of St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Kazan, Rostov), Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, who shared current problems in pediatrics, modern methods of treatment and diagnosis.

Datkaeva G.M. presented a report “The development of depressive conditions in children in public medical practice”. Idrisov K.S. had a report “Clinical data on increased leukocytosis in children with appendicitis (preliminary results).

28.12.2023, 17:44