Importance of productive practice is in education and way of his organization

In 2015, of 17-аpril in the small assembly hall of SKPhA was conducted round table on a theme "Importance of productive practice in education and way of his organization", that was organized by managing departments "Hygiene is a 1, physical culture" and "Hygiene - 2" associate professor Doltaeva B.Z and associate professor Yeskerova S.U.

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As a guest on round table were invited:

Каrabekov A.K – a dean of medical faculty SKPhA, is a professor

Ibragimova A.G – chief of methodolical department SKPhA, c.m.s, associate professor

Аshirov  B.О – associate of medical faculty SKPhA dean

Тolebaeva G.Е – associate of medical faculty SKPhA dean

Оrazbekova F.U – chief of section


Specialists of bases of practice:

Еshtai А.J – deputy CSE SK 

Аkhmetov А.R – deputy DDC SK

Тоlebaev А.К – chief  Enbekshi district MDC

Оtepov F.D– deputy  Al-Farabi  MDC

Мusaeva B.К – deputy Аbais MDC

Аbdieva А.К – deputy CSE SK

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A preface was given to the dean of medical faculty, to professor Каrabekova A.K and chief of methodolical center, c.m.s,to the associate professor of  Ibragimova А.G There is Каrabekova A.K in the word  coming guests and told about importance of productive practice in education and way of his organization. Ibragimova А.G  was shared out with inform  about readiness educational - productive practice on 2014 - 2015 school year.

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During the discussion of theme manager of department Hygiene is a 1,physical culture , associate professor Doltaeva B.Z talked about the ratified bases on all specialities and courses of SKPhA and reported, that 1 a month ago with bases it was celled 153 agreements. A manager of department is Hygiene - 2, associate professor Yeskerova S.U  in the speech told about the aim of productive practice, about the numbers of contingent, that passed practice and as suggestion talked about problems, that arise up during organization of practice and way of his decision.

Participants round table became the witnesses of sliding seat, in that it was presented complete information about the bases of practice in state public "SOUTH is KAZAKHSTAN CENTER SANITARY  - EPIDEMIOLOGY EXAMINATION". 

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At the end of round table was carried resolution from parties of specialists of practice and moderators of practice.

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