"Healthy eating - the guarantee of health"

On February 12, 2016  teaching staff of  "Public Health-1" Department Z.I Beisembayeva, G.E Zhienkulova, S.N Alipbekova in secondary school №4 named after H.Dosmuhamedov  the event was held under the title "Healthy eating - the guarantee of health"  for the program "Health 2016 - 2019". It was attended by students of group 402 of major "Public Health", class teachers and students of 4-6 grades.

The event was aimed at the teaching of 4-year students to promoting a healthy lifestyle, to the development of a sense of responsibility in teamwork and leadership development. Also to improve the students’ knowledge about the importance of vitamins in the human body and the benefits of vegetables, on the development of students quick thinking, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

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First, the students were given the concept to students about nutrition, then stopped on the effect of fast food on the body, which has become their favorite food. Students on their part were asked the following questions:

1. Does human consumption of fast food lead to obesity?

2. Does production of fast food lead to a disease of the stomach?

3. Is it possible to mix hamburger and Coke?

4. Do people die from fast food?

5. How many times a week would be a good use of fast food products?

6. Are there drugs in fast food products?

7. Does the truth comply that fast food is dangerous for children?

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Students were shown a video about the vitamins.

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As Elbasy says: "For the scientist, the night also shines as well as days of ignoramus are always gloomy days," students of SKSPhA by submitting the role of fruits and vegetables told how they are useful for the child's body.

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At the end of the event it was held competitions with students on the topic "Who is faster?", "Who will find a lot?".

The winners were awarded gifts and all students were given the brochure "Rules of proper nutrition."

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