Educational event "Youth against corruption", held in order to form an anti-corruption worldview among students

On 1.12.2023, an educational event was held at the Department of Kazakh, Russian and Latin Languages in order to form an anti-corruption worldview among students. Corruption in various spheres of society's life has a particularly detrimental effect on the emerging legal awareness of young people.
The purpose of the event is to educate the future generation in the spirit of Kazakhstani patriotism and rejection of corruption, which is the main priority of our activities.
It causes great harm to society, encroaches on the foundations of state power, hinders the economic development of the country as a whole, and damages the sustainable development of the state and the rule of law.
Unfortunately, in the minds of many people, it has become a common phenomenon, which is useless to fight, and the effectiveness of any anti-corruption measures is often rated extremely low by citizens.
The opening speech was provided by the head of the department, L.B. Ibraeva, who noted that corruption is abuse of official position, arbitrariness, abuse of power, inaction of the authorities, lack of decency and honesty, use of official position to gain benefits dishonestly.
Corruption remains a serious problem that undermines trust, hinders economic growth and negatively affects people's daily lives, has a corrupting effect on all spheres of society: economy, social sphere, politics.
There are many reasons for corruption.
Interesting reports with an overview of corruption in general were read out, and an exhibition of thematic wall newspapers was held.
The students (Ashirbai Nursultan, Kamal Karakat, Shablan Bolat, Mukhtar Bektor) presented a scene in which the main characters told what corruption is and what needs to be done in order to avoid illegal actions. After the speech, we watched the video "We are against corruption!".
The work of the department is to clarify anti-corruption legislation, the concept of corruption, improve anti-corruption measures, establish legality and anti-corruption discipline among students, and educate in the spirit of countering corruption phenomena. The upbringing of a law-abiding citizen allows the younger generation to form the necessary level of legal awareness, ethics, active citizenship, respect the norms of law and laws, understand the principles of government and organize the life of society.
I would like to believe that the knowledge acquired by young people will help them not to come into contact with any manifestations of corruption in their lives.
Youth against corruption!
The future belongs to the younger generation!
On behalf of the department, gratitude was expressed to the students who took an active part in the event.

07.12.2023, 16:04